Video Branding

Video Branding

Do you have videos you have made for your social media like tutorials or “how-to” videos but feel they lack your branding? Or, would you like to add subtitles to your videos, making them easier to understand by reading along to your video?

Brand your videos and make them look more professional and in line with your company’s brand.
The BCM Video Branding Package includes:
1. Add your logo to your video
2. Add subtitles to your video
Perfect for:
1. Top tips videos
2. Tutorials
3. How-to videos
*Please note, we do not edit videos. This package is aimed to simply add your logo and subtitles keeping your video content in line with your brand and business.
Simply upload your brand logo to our website and send us your video!

** Time for completing project and price vary depending on the length of the video.